Optiphi® LHA Skin Peel

LHA peel-Is a new generation beta hydroxy acid. The LHA peel is depth dependant not time dependant. This oil-based peel is highly lipophilic, allowing for an extended exfoliating action of up to 4 days.


  • Up to 6 times more powerful than salicylic acid
  • Skin calming properties
  • Powerful cell-by cell- exfoliation
  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture
  • Targets fine lines and wrinkles
  • Refines the pores
  • Acne/ oily skin
  • No down time

At a glance

Age from: 16 years (minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
Procedure time: 45mins
Back to work: Immediate- but no make-up to be worn
Anesthetic: non
Risk & Complications: Slight redness and burning sensation only lasts 2 hours


Can anyone receive the lipohydroxy Acid Peel? We recommend that clients have received a course of 2- 25% peels and 2- 30% glycolic peel treatments prior to progressing to the LHA peel. This treatment is not suitable for highly sensitive skins and clients treated for inflammatory acne.

How much does it cost? Please see price list or ask at reception. If you buy a course of 6 treatments you will receive 10% off

How many treatments can I have? Up to 4 peels every two weeks after a course of glycolic peels. Or one once a month for maintenance

Is it painful? No, but you might feel some tingling/burning while the peel is on

Can I go in the sun after this treatment? We recommend no direct sun bathing for up to 2 weeks after having the peel. If you are walking in the sun, please wear a hat and a protective sunblock

Is it safe? Yes, if you do not have any contra-indications

Can I have any other treatments on my face while having a course of peels? We recommend waiting for 2 weeks before or after the LHA peel before having any other facial treatments.


  • Use Optiphi skin care for home
  • Do not use Retinol for 2 days
  • Do not sunbath, go on sunbeds
  • No Saunas and steam rooms for 24hours
  • 30/50SPF for the skin

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