Optiphi® Classic Indulgent Facials

As optiphi ’s philosophy is to remain focused on creating and evolving our products and treatments to be innovative, results driven and an experience of wellness, we are excited to introduce a luxurious Classic skincare treatment that combines the targeted skin effects of new technology and a sensorial lavish experience, creating the ultimate professional skincare treatment.

The Classic Indulgent Treatment targets and treats a multitude of skin concerns with the use of peptides, botanicals and carefully selected active ingredients. This customizable treatment is a luxurious experience delivering perceivable results.

The interactive facial sequence may be tailored by the therapist to meet the client’s needs holistically, combining aromas, textures and sensations in an array of serums, masks and moisturizers for an optimal, unique skincare treatment. Various treatment selections include Hydrate & Repair, Firming Peptide and Radiance Boost options, targeting a multitude of skin needs.

Additional features may be added to enhance the treatment experience. The top-up eye treatment, consists of a potent eye serum and mask combination, to boost the skin vitality around the eye area and includes a take-home eye mask to further enhance the longevity of this remarkable treatment.

How long is the treatment?

This 60 – 90min treatment begins with the optiphi signature facial massage, preparing the skin to receive a powerful blend of active ingredients, followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation. After an extensive skin analysis, the fast-setting Polyphenol Algae Mask assists the selected serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and delivers anti-stress and antioxidant benefits. The treatment is concluded with an intensely nourishing moisturizer and sun protection.

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