Optiphi® Active

Allow us to rehabilitate your skin with optiphi® vegan skincare!

The skin is constantly under attack by exposure to harmful internal and external factors. The most detrimental of these include solar UV radiation, harsh climatic conditions, free radicals and stress. They affect the condition of our skin and give way to the visible signs of ageing.

We can however effectively slow the ageing process down, and replenish the skin  – resulting in a rejuvenated and improved skin appearance: increased hydration, optimal skin barrier function, even pigmentation, improved skin texture, reduced redness, refined pore size, increased firmness and improved elasticity.

The skin needs daily rehabilitation to achieve physiologically younger looking skin and optiphi® delivers. 

The optiphi® vegan skincare range of treatments has evolved from the medical field of wound care dressings, ointments and temporary skin substitutes. it is the understanding of the skin and its mechanisms, that Optiphi formulates an effective and comprehensive range of and effective and results driven skincare.

Opti – optimal concentrations of active ingredients working in synergy to deliver the best results.

phi  – Positive Homeostatic Influence – managing the imbalances in the skin, caused by internal and external stressors.

At a glance

ph balanced
Paraben free
Growth factor free
Nano particle free
Soap and SLS free
No animal testing
Vegan friendly
Oil free
Artificial dye and fragrance free
Time-controlled diffusion technology

The optiphi® Active rang is a focused range with niche products, which target specific skin concerns. The range is suitable for all skin types and can easily be incorporated into your current skincare routine. The focused range effectively and comprehensively addresses all the visible signs of ageing.

Active range for: tissue engineering, cellular structure and function, 7 signs of ageing, 5 mechanisms of ageing, slows cellular ageing

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