Nano-Needling + Optiphi Skin Supplements

For the treatment of ageing, wrinkles, true skin rejuvenation

What is nano-needling?

A nano cartridge comprised of tiny, pyramid-like needle tips on a flat base with 0.015mm depth of piercing, is used to make microscopic punctures in the upper layers of the epidermis. The tips of cartridge are thinner than a human hair and are designed to; exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells; create microscopic puncture wounds allowing optiphi® peels and / or range of super boosting skin serums to penetrate deeper into the skin; encourage collagen growth and elastin to strengthen.

Benefits of Nano-needling

  • Immediate improvement
  • Reduction in Winkles and Fine lines
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Refines the skin and leave the skin glowing, hydrated and exfoliated
  • Improves the pores
  • reduction in the pores
  • Micro- circulation
  • Used in combination with peels and serums will help with hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces blemish marks

At a glance

Procedure time: 15mins on its own- introduced with another treatment will take around 30/60mins.
Back to work: Immediate/ bearing in mind skin is red/ feels hot and make-up cannot be worn for 24hours.
Full recovery time: 24Hours
Sensitivity Period: up to 12Hours
Duration of results: 30 days


How many treatments will I need? The number required depends on the condition of your skin. A course is generally recommended for optimal results. Adding peels, skin boosting serums and LED light therapy enhances your results and is recommended

How much does it cost? Please see our treatment menu. Prepaid courses attract a 10% discount.

Is it painful? Nano-needling is virtually pain free however Everyone’s pain threshold varies and some patients experience a slight tingling whereas others may find the treatment more uncomfortable on certain areas of the skin. Any discomfort eases immediately the area is finished and we have not had to stop a nano-needling procedure due to discomfort.

Is microneedling safe?

No risk of Hyperpigmenation.

No risk of cross contamination as nano needling has a cartridge for each patient.

The depth can be adjusted on the pen at the time of procedure, giving the best results on each area of the skin.

What happens at the appointment?

The procedure will be discussed again with the patient

The Therapist will confirm the various depth settings depending on the area’s being treated

The therapist will then cleanse the skin, serum will be chosen for the clients skin type

Once the skin is prepped the therapist will begin the Nano procedure

Once finished the client will go home with his/her aftercare advice

The patient returns for further appointments or review

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